Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beautiful Blog Award!

My goodness, I have received a blogger award from my blogger friend Really I’m a Mom! How fun!! Thank You!! I am new to branching out in the blogging community and it is so much fun to get to know so many great people from all over.

Anyhow, here are the rules for accepting this award:

1. Post a thank you and the link to the person that gave you the award.

2. Pass this award on to fifteen bloggers you've recently discovered & whom you think are fantastic.

3. Contact said blogs to let them know they've won.

4. State seven things about yourself.

Here are my Seven Tidbits:

1- I love, love, love Spring. We are only one month away from the first day of spring!! I can already hear the birds chirping!! And smell the blossoms on the trees. I have several bulbs in my yard that are starting to come up and my first cute little crocus flower just bloomed the other day despite the 30 degree weather this week!

2- When I get cold I use my laptop to warm me up. The hubbers is pretty much always studying for that darn CPA, so the super old laptop that I have keeps me toasty in the evening.

3- Today was a beautiful sunny day. It looked so inviting as I peered out the window until I got outside. It was freezing. Lil’Miss and I went down town to the doctors to get another round of immunizations and we took a walk around the block because we were early. Her little nose just about froze. The sun was deceiving.

4- I love to save money. It has become my hobby and I love visiting couponing websites! They have helped me save a ton of money!!

5- I am so grateful for all of the many blessings I participate in! We live in a wonderful country, we have freedoms that grant us peace and I am so grateful for that.

6- I am loving being a mom. I have the sweetest little girl who brings me sooo much joy!

7- Today I got my seed catalogue from Gurney’s Nursery and I can’t wait to pour over it’s pages and dream about what I am going to plant in the garden. Hopefully it works out better than my Aerogarden I have attempted to plant this month. Stay tuned for the Aerogarden post!

There you are! If you can’t tell I am anxiously awaiting warmer spring weather!!

Here are the Beautiful blogs I am nominating:

1- The Krazy Coupon Lady: These ladies have been such a great help in teaching me the ropes of couponing!

2- Fabulessly Frugal: Again, it helps to have such great guides who are local to where I live!

3- Smullin Family: The ultimate party planner! She is always full of wonderful ideas for crafts, gifts and Parties!! (Sorry this is a private blog!)

4- Melody’s Sofa: A beautiful woman who has overcome much and is an inspiration!

5- Home Made Serenity: Beautiful Artwork and handicraft. Check out her needle felting it is amazing. She also has a great etsy store.

6- 365 Loving Things: My uncles blog, I love the messages he has to share with others. It teaches me how to be a better wife and how to take a better look at how to recognize all of the loving things around me. I can't wait to read his next post!! (hint, hint!)

7-Make it and Love it: Ohh this blog has helped me gain back my creative self! I love reading how she takes something old and makes it new again!

8- Ruffles and Stuff: Disney is so creative and has such beautiful works of art and fabulous photography.

9- Off the Top: Ever heard of Napoleon Dynamite? Well this woman actually lives in the town where that quirky movie took place. Her daughter is a star in the “Happy Hands Club” on the movie She is also my aunt and a fabulous writer. It is always fun to read about her adventures.

10-Em in SLC: Always fun and full of surprises! Love her.

11- Nelson News: A talented writer who has just published her first book. Go check it out!!

Okay so it is late and I only posted 11, but I just want all of those fellow bloggers out there, thanks for supporting my blogging habit and bringing a little bit of beauty into my life!!
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